Affiliate program details

Join our affiliate program and help us grow together. Affiliates utilize their connections and network to market our products and services to earn serious commissions. We provide multiple affiliate programs with different marketing tools to promote our services and generate a continuous stream of income.

HireContractor.com affiliate registration is open to anyone interested in promoting our services genuinely. One can recruit other affiliates and generate commissions through multi level affiliate programs. An affiliate earns commission from every sale made by his/her referrals by placing a referral link or a banner advertisement or HTML advertisement anywhere on the internet including webpages, forums, blogs or broadcast through emails or newsletters

About us: HireContractor.com is a leading Construction & home improvement, remodeling and renovation portal where home/property owners and contractors find each other. Buyers get free quotes and ratings. Contractors get an impressive profile, appointment scheduling, leads and other perks.

Multi level Affiliate Remuneration -Our offers exciting 3-tier affiliate commission structure that can be utilized with different affiliate networks. An Affiliate gets commission not only from the sales made by his/her direct referrals, but also from the 2nd level referrals (affiliates introduced by his/her direct referrals) and 3rd level referrals (affiliates introduced by his/her 2nd level referrals). Affiliate commission structure is shown in the matrix below:

Affiliate Commission structure

Member GroupLevel1Level2Level3
Basic Member(Default)20% 5% 4%
Gold member22% 6% 5%
Platinum Member25% 7% 6%

Sample commissions for a basic member include:

  • 1 year Home page ad: $2000, Commission: $400
  • 6 month Home page ad: $1100, Commission: $220
  • 6 months Internal page ad: $600, Commission: $120
  • 1 month Home page ad: $200, Commission: $40
  • 1 year Elite Contractor listing : $1000, Commission: $200
  • 1 year Premium Contractor listing : $600, Commission: $120

As you provide more revenue you will make more money out of this program..

Referral tracking - All visitors coming to Hirecontractor.com via a referral link, will be tracked through a cookie stored on the visitor’s browser for 30 days. Any sale made by the visitor within 30 days will be counted towards to the affiliate’s commission.

If you have a popular Facebook page or G+ page or any other website then you can place your affiliate link and generate decent revenue out of it.

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  • Generous commissions
  • Free to join the program
  • Easy-to-use affiliate program
  • Multiple products to market
  • User friendly Reporting
  • Extensive commission tracking
  • Handy widgets for marketing

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